Numbing cream for minor surgeries and dental treatment

Dental treatment or surgery is one of the most common things in today’s modern world. Almost all of us are suffering with the dental problems or tooth decay. Dental treatment involves any restorative, cosmetic, preventative measures taken by a dentist for patient’s teeth. This helps enhancing the overall appearance of smile. In simple words, dental care is the secret of a beautiful smile.


Dental treatment such as tooth cleaning is a simple procedure where the doctor cleans your teeth and is considered as preventive care. The dentist removes the harsh plaque and tarter that has formed on your teeth. This plaque can cause weakness for your teeth over time and this can cause even more problems.

In one or more cases, experience dentists administer a numbing cream in that particular places in order to lower the quotient of pain while injecting numbness medicines. Numbing gel is the name of patient-friendly anaesthesia for the people who are phobic about dental pain- needles or injection. These gels are highly effective to reduce the pain of injection.

Wondering how this cream works and help overcoming your pain? The simple way to understand how Numbing creams work is that they block nerve impulses. These nerve impulses are the electric signals that carry both stimulus to a muscle to have it function and sensation, including pain. A numbing cream blocks sodium channels in the nerve membranes and therefore no sensation can be transmitted.


Is it safe to use numbing cream for dental treatment?

Patient’s safety is always the first concern of dentists. Dr. Numb is extremely safe when used under the supervision of a dentist. This product is a proven safe local anesthesia and also very effective for minor surgeries. Dr. Numb has been recommended as one of the safest product by various doctors across Canada and US.

Dr. Numb is a medically tested, effective and reasonably priced product that is useful in various types of minor surgeries including dental treatments. This product is prepared using finest quality products and assures relief.

Interested in Dr. Numb or have any query regarding its use? Please feel free to contact us.

Numbing cream for minor surgeries and dental treatment

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