No more pain for hair removal treatment

Planning for a beach party? Hair removal is the most important thing to improve your bikini line. However, pain is a major limiting factor that prevents many persons from adopting hair removal treatments.


You may choose traditional methods to remove hair such as shavers or depilatory creams. However, using shavers can be dangerous as you get thicker hair after every shave. Laser technology is another method of removing hair, but causes pain. The pain can vary according to the person’s pain threshold.

When you go for a wax, the thing you are most worried about is usually the pain. Waxing hurts, a lot.

Dr. Numb is a trusted and tested method to help you get hair removal treatment with no pain. Dr. Numb laser numbing cream can help you alleviate that pain.

In one or more cases, experienced people use Dr. Numb cream in particular places in order to lower the quotient of pain while conducting hair removal treatment. This cream is a patient-friendly anesthesia for the people who are phobic about hair removal pain. Dr. Numb is highly effective to reduce the pain.

Wondering how this cream works and help overcoming your pain? The simple way to understand how Dr. Numb works is that it blocks nerve impulses. These nerve impulses are the electric signals that carry both stimulus to a muscle to have it function and sensation, including pain. Dr. Numb blocks sodium channels in the nerve membranes and therefore no sensation can be transmitted.

Dr. Numb is a medically tested, effective and reasonably priced product that is useful in various types of hair removal treatments and minor surgeries including dental treatments. This product is prepared using the finest quality products and assures relief.

Interested in Dr. Numb or have any query regarding its use? Please feel free to contact us.

No more pain for hair removal treatment

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