No more pain for hair removal treatment

Planning for a beach party? Hair removal is the most important thing to improve your bikini line. However, pain is a major limiting factor that prevents many persons from adopting hair removal treatments.


You may choose traditional methods to remove hair such as shavers or depilatory creams. However, using shavers can be dangerous as you get thicker hair after every shave. Laser technology is another method of removing hair, but causes pain. The pain can vary according to the person’s pain threshold.

When you go for a wax, the thing you are most worried about is usually the pain. Waxing hurts, a lot.

Dr. Numb is a trusted and tested method to help you get hair removal treatment with no pain. Dr. Numb laser numbing cream can help you alleviate that pain.

In one or more cases, experienced people use Dr. Numb cream in particular places in order to lower the quotient of pain while conducting hair removal treatment. This cream is a patient-friendly anesthesia for the people who are phobic about hair removal pain. Dr. Numb is highly effective to reduce the pain.

Wondering how this cream works and help overcoming your pain? The simple way to understand how Dr. Numb works is that it blocks nerve impulses. These nerve impulses are the electric signals that carry both stimulus to a muscle to have it function and sensation, including pain. Dr. Numb blocks sodium channels in the nerve membranes and therefore no sensation can be transmitted.

Dr. Numb is a medically tested, effective and reasonably priced product that is useful in various types of hair removal treatments and minor surgeries including dental treatments. This product is prepared using the finest quality products and assures relief.

Interested in Dr. Numb or have any query regarding its use? Please feel free to contact us.

No more pain for hair removal treatment

Botox – Relive your Youth


Aging is natural. It is yet another truth just like taking birth and dying. It isn’t possible that one do not become old ever, however controlling it delaying, atleast for some time is possible today.  Botox is such a way that helps you slower the aging process, in addition to several other advantages. Have a look.


If you ever plan to get a cosmetic procedure, you definitely should know its pros.   Botox is one such popular cosmetic process today for slowing down the aging process and looking younger for long.


Botox is derived from Clostridium Botulinum – a safe bacterium when used in cosmetic procedures. With its effect to freeze the muscles, it has the capabilities to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet. In Botox, the signals from the nerves to the muscles are blocked due to which the injected muscle cannot contract. This helps in softening the wrinkles. Botox is most often practiced on forehead lines, crow’s feet (lines around the eye), and frown lines.
The amazing thing about Botox is that it is a “one for many” solution. Have a look at the versatile usage of Botox.

Know more about Numbing Cream For Botox

A Non-surgical Solution

The reason why Botox is accepted greatly today is Botox is not based on the principles of surgeries, incisions, stiches or cuts. Botox is meant for people like you and me who do not want the hassle of those freaky surgical treatments like plastic surgery. With Botox, men and women can experience a flawless complexion without experiencing any pain and side effects.

Live younger for long

Live Younger - Botox- Dr.Numb

After reaching a specific age, almost all of us might have wished while looking at the mirror, “I wish I could wipe of those ugly wrinkles of my face.” You’ll glad to know that Botox helps our facial muscles to relax resulting in smoother skin and minimized wrinkles. So, one of the most common usage of Botox is to reduce wrinkles on the forehead.

Proven to Lift the Brow

Lift the Brow-Dr.Numb

With time and age, your brows may too drop or lower. BOTOX procedure helps you lift the brow and make your face look less tired. It turns a spark on your face giving you a more youthful appearance.

Goodbye stinking Sweat


The excess under arm sweating is really embarrassing for many people whether you’re alone or in a crowd. Not only the excessive sweat causes itching sometimes, but that foul odor is also really unbearable. With a simple Botox Cosmetic treatment, one can reduce the amount of sweat produced to minimize this awkward problem. Botox reduces symptoms of excessive sweating for up to 6 months just with the first treatment.

Post-Stroke Recovery

Post Stroke

It is believed that Botox too helps in post-stroke recovery. One particular study in which a 35-year-old woman who had suffered stroke was given Botox injections for two years due to the upper-limb spasticity. The woman received Botox injections in her left paralyzed hand and arm along with the physical and occupational therapies. The Botox treatment really worked due to which she regained some motion and functional use to the left hand.

Say ‘Bye’ to Migraine

Often after undergoing Botox cosmetic treatment, clients say that they no more or very fewer times have their migraine. Although, the exact reasons behind this surprising benefit is unknown, but experts believe that the drug blocks the sensory nerves responsible for transmitting the pain messages to the brain. And, possibly it helps relax muscles making them less susceptible to an onslaught of pain.

Ease Muscle Aches

 Studies depict that Botox can be effective in reducing arthritis pain. When Botox is injected into certain muscle areas, which makes them paralyzed temporarily, thereby relieving unwanted aches.  FDA has also approved this procedure due to its proven results.

Bladder Control


The National Institutes of Health says patient with overactive bladder are being increasingly treated with Botox. Botox on injecting into the bladder allows the bladder to increase in capacity.  This treatment is also effective in patients with multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injuries, as their conditions usually leave them with bladder complications. It is believed that the effect may last several months, which depends on the amount of Botox used.

Bonus benefits: In addition to all the aforementioned advantages of Botox, here are two more – Botox treatment offers temporary effects and is comparatively affordable. Unlike other cosmetic treatments like Laser, plastic surgery, Botox is comparatively reasonable. Also, its effect usually lasts upto 6 months. If you like it, take yet another treatment after 6 months, and if you don’t, let those wrinkles come back, naturally.

Botox – Relive your Youth

Tattoos you would Love to have inked over!

Summary: Planning a tattoo? Well, it is understood, the biggest challenge you face is finding the right design. Not to worry, here are top 10 designs, which will make you find a right solution. Have a look.
Day by day tattoos are becoming a way to express your feelings to the entire world. No doubt, they make you voguish, but yes it is now more than a style statement. For some it is an unusual way to express their love for someone special, to others it represents their attitude.
Well, whatever the reason you have, the fact is that you landed here looking for the best tattoo designs, isn’t it? So, here is the list of top 10 astonishing tattoo designs for the lovely ladies, which will not only help you to flaunt your style, but also fetch you an all new look.

Peacock Tattoo:

Being the most amazing and beautiful bird in the world, Peacock is nowadays a popular choice among the women all around the globe. peacock2Thus, if you want to go for something trendy and latest, get a colored tattoo of a peacock feather and if you want a big one, the entire peacock itself can create the magic. Moreover, it is a symbol of beauty and royalty; making it a perfect choice for every women.  As peacock tattoos are big, you can get them designed on your back, on other hand feather can be tattooed anywhere.

article images


Floral Designs:

Not only it is difficult, but next to impossible to keep gorgeous girls away from flowers. Then how can you ignore the floral tattoo designs. Since ages, it has been the first choice of every girl. floral tattooNow, the question arises, which flower to be imprinted. In such case, you need to learn that different flowers have different meanings. Firstly, you have to learn its meaning and then make your final decision.floral 1 For example, if you want a symbol of perfection, Chrysanthemum makes a good choice. Similarly, Rose for love, Hibiscus flower for delicate beauty and many other. The best part about these designs is that they can be done in different sizes.



Being a woman is not less than being a start in itself. The most wonderful creation of God needs most adorable tattoo designs. What else can be better than stars? Either as a standalone or incorporated with some another design, stars can serve your need of the best tattoo designs. They represents the light which shines out of the darkness and are known to be symbols of truth and hope. You can get them anywhere on your body including belly, neck, wrist or try the latest one, a couple of stars behind your ear.

stars Tattoostars Tattoo


Lace tattoos:

If your search doesn’t ends here, then this one can please you. The lace tattoos are attractive and sensuous designs, which have recently emerged out high on the popularity list. You can include a lot in your design. Make a perfect match of different famous styles like stars, music notes, hearts or any other. In every form, they look classy and glamourous. What you will love most about them is that you can experiment with them greatly. Like you can get a text written in those laces, maybe of your partner and yours. Replace them with necklaces, bracelets and anklets. If want to separate out from the crowd, get them on your thighs!

lace 2 lace 1

Angel Tattoos:

It was the Rihanna’s tattoo, which brought the angel’s design to limelight. And, even today girls go crazy for these tattoos. Angels and fairies represent love, purity and luck. Moreover, girls are always angels for their families and friends. Thus, there is no doubt for the ever rising popularity of angel tattoo designs. But, if you don’t want to be the common one, there are a number of way to be different with this design. Here are some examples that will make you go for them right now.

angel Tattoo

Remember, tattoos are not just simple designs or text, they are much more than this. While you are selecting it, make sure you get the best one, which reflects your persona completely!

Tattoos you would Love to have inked over!

How to Achieve Complete Skin Numbness Using Dr. Numb ® Cream?


Whether you want to get a stylish tattoo on your arm, or get your body hair removed, or you are undergoing a minor surgery, the common thing between all these activities is the acute pain you’ll bear. But, another common thing can be to use a numbing cream – Dr. Numb, which will not let you feel any pain.


Dr. Numb cream acts as a ‘one for all’ solution to various kinds of body pain. It is a topical anesthetic cream that can be applied to the skin to reduce the immediate feeling of pain and produce numbness. Because of its immediate and effective result, it has now become the top numbing cream in the global market. A significant aspect of using Dr. Numb as your numbing cream is that you get 100% result within a few minutes, if used correctly. And, that you can use it in various purposes making your skin numb to feel any pain.

Dr. Numb is used for various dermal applications including needle injections, minor surgeries, tattooing, body piercing, laser tattoo removal, laser hair removal, body waxing, immunization, and other dermatological procedures.

So, if you’re passionate about body styling or are a beauty conscious, make Dr. Numb your friend!

What makes Dr. Numb to be the best?

Lidocaine! The prime composition of Dr. Numb is Lidocaine. Lidocaine is a common local anesthetic that is used topically to relieve from various pain such as burning, pain from skin inflammations, injected as a dental anesthetic, or for minor surgery.

Lidocaine is very effective as it directly works upon the nerves. It temporarily blocks the way of pain signals along the nerves by preventing the sodium to enter the nerve ending at the site of the pain. This, in turn, prevents any electrical signal to build up and pass along the nerve fibres to the brain. When the brain does not receive any signals, you don’t feel any pain.

Dr. Numb is thus, very effective in preparing the skin for any type of procedure by numbing it. It is a proven solution that numbs the skin for more than three hours. Dr. Numb is easy to apply and is capable of releasing the numbing effect for at least three hours.
How to achieve the benefits of Dr. Numb?

Proper application is important for a high quality numbing cream to be more effective. If you do not use the cream as per the instructions, you’ll probably not get the expected results.

It is important to follow the correct directions on how to apply the cream that can result in a lower numbing effect. So, to achieve the full effect, use the topical Dr. Numb cream as directed.

When applied correctly on the skin, a feeling of numbness starts acting after 20-30 seconds and will leave you with numbness for the next 3-4 hours so that you can get your dermal treatments easily.

Dr. Numb is available over the counter meaning no doctor prescription is needed to buy it or use it. As such, here are the steps to use Dr. Numb numbing cream for various dermal procedures and achieve the optimum leave of numbness by following them properly. Have a look:

  1. Preparing the area before application: Wash the area well on which you’ll be receiving the treatment with soap and water. Allow it to dry the area completely. This is the most important step of the entire procedure so that the cream will be absorbed by the skin well and the procedure will be less prone to any infection.
  2. The application of Dr. Numb: After the area gets dried up completely, apply a thick amount of numbing cream to it. Rub in thoroughly. Make sure that amount of cream you apply fully covers the area to be treated.
  3. Cover with saran wrap: For the maximum, cover the cream with plastic wrap so that the heat under the plastic wrap would help activate the cream. This would also keep the cream from drying off.
  4. Leave for some time: Leave the setting as is for 1 hour. Do not try to shorten the time or else it’d reduce the effective duration of the numbing cream.
  5. Go on with your procedure: After an hour, remove the plastic wrap and wipe the cream off. You can now proceed with your dermal procedure.

So, to achieve the best numbing effect, follow the aforementioned steps as is and get painless.

How to Achieve Complete Skin Numbness Using Dr. Numb ® Cream?

Numbing cream for minor surgeries and dental treatment

Dental treatment or surgery is one of the most common things in today’s modern world. Almost all of us are suffering with the dental problems or tooth decay. Dental treatment involves any restorative, cosmetic, preventative measures taken by a dentist for patient’s teeth. This helps enhancing the overall appearance of smile. In simple words, dental care is the secret of a beautiful smile.


Dental treatment such as tooth cleaning is a simple procedure where the doctor cleans your teeth and is considered as preventive care. The dentist removes the harsh plaque and tarter that has formed on your teeth. This plaque can cause weakness for your teeth over time and this can cause even more problems. Continue reading “Numbing cream for minor surgeries and dental treatment”

Numbing cream for minor surgeries and dental treatment

Drnumb – Painless Tattoo and Laser hair Removal

Need anesthesia? Choose the right one.

drnumb-homepage-header-numbing-creamLocal anesthesia involves the injection or application of an anesthetic medicine to a particular body part or also small areas of your body. However, this involves many risks if not used appropriate medicine. Generally, local anesthesias provide better pain control than intravenous or intramuscular opioids (narcotics).

There are numerous side effects that can occur while using a wrong anesthesia, even though you are monitored carefully. With the use of the wrong medicine, side effects can occur even while the anesthesiologist takes special precautions to avoid them. Continue reading “Drnumb – Painless Tattoo and Laser hair Removal”

Drnumb – Painless Tattoo and Laser hair Removal