How to Achieve Complete Skin Numbness Using Dr. Numb ® Cream?


Whether you want to get a stylish tattoo on your arm, or get your body hair removed, or you are undergoing a minor surgery, the common thing between all these activities is the acute pain you’ll bear. But, another common thing can be to use a numbing cream – Dr. Numb, which will not let you feel any pain.


Dr. Numb cream acts as a ‘one for all’ solution to various kinds of body pain. It is a topical anesthetic cream that can be applied to the skin to reduce the immediate feeling of pain and produce numbness. Because of its immediate and effective result, it has now become the top numbing cream in the global market. A significant aspect of using Dr. Numb as your numbing cream is that you get 100% result within a few minutes, if used correctly. And, that you can use it in various purposes making your skin numb to feel any pain.

Dr. Numb is used for various dermal applications including needle injections, minor surgeries, tattooing, body piercing, laser tattoo removal, laser hair removal, body waxing, immunization, and other dermatological procedures.

So, if you’re passionate about body styling or are a beauty conscious, make Dr. Numb your friend!

What makes Dr. Numb to be the best?

Lidocaine! The prime composition of Dr. Numb is Lidocaine. Lidocaine is a common local anesthetic that is used topically to relieve from various pain such as burning, pain from skin inflammations, injected as a dental anesthetic, or for minor surgery.

Lidocaine is very effective as it directly works upon the nerves. It temporarily blocks the way of pain signals along the nerves by preventing the sodium to enter the nerve ending at the site of the pain. This, in turn, prevents any electrical signal to build up and pass along the nerve fibres to the brain. When the brain does not receive any signals, you don’t feel any pain.

Dr. Numb is thus, very effective in preparing the skin for any type of procedure by numbing it. It is a proven solution that numbs the skin for more than three hours. Dr. Numb is easy to apply and is capable of releasing the numbing effect for at least three hours.
How to achieve the benefits of Dr. Numb?

Proper application is important for a high quality numbing cream to be more effective. If you do not use the cream as per the instructions, you’ll probably not get the expected results.

It is important to follow the correct directions on how to apply the cream that can result in a lower numbing effect. So, to achieve the full effect, use the topical Dr. Numb cream as directed.

When applied correctly on the skin, a feeling of numbness starts acting after 20-30 seconds and will leave you with numbness for the next 3-4 hours so that you can get your dermal treatments easily.

Dr. Numb is available over the counter meaning no doctor prescription is needed to buy it or use it. As such, here are the steps to use Dr. Numb numbing cream for various dermal procedures and achieve the optimum leave of numbness by following them properly. Have a look:

  1. Preparing the area before application: Wash the area well on which you’ll be receiving the treatment with soap and water. Allow it to dry the area completely. This is the most important step of the entire procedure so that the cream will be absorbed by the skin well and the procedure will be less prone to any infection.
  2. The application of Dr. Numb: After the area gets dried up completely, apply a thick amount of numbing cream to it. Rub in thoroughly. Make sure that amount of cream you apply fully covers the area to be treated.
  3. Cover with saran wrap: For the maximum, cover the cream with plastic wrap so that the heat under the plastic wrap would help activate the cream. This would also keep the cream from drying off.
  4. Leave for some time: Leave the setting as is for 1 hour. Do not try to shorten the time or else it’d reduce the effective duration of the numbing cream.
  5. Go on with your procedure: After an hour, remove the plastic wrap and wipe the cream off. You can now proceed with your dermal procedure.

So, to achieve the best numbing effect, follow the aforementioned steps as is and get painless.

How to Achieve Complete Skin Numbness Using Dr. Numb ® Cream?